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What do you want to be doing once you turn 50?

"Retired. Living in a cottage with my wife, with a huge garden for a green house, a pond and my brick barbecue. Also a garage for my bikes and cars."

Mukesh Vyas / Father / Angel


He walked towards three actors as the lead was getting ready in his vanity. He asked the three if they had remembered the dialogues from the sides of that day, they nodded and smiled. 

"Perfect, now forget everything from the script, this is a set, these are the characters - feel it"

Hansal Mehta / Filmmaker / Guardian


What is the most annoying thing about being an 11 year old?


Kimaya / The future / Sister 


What is your fondest memory living in London?

"I used to live in a house which had three bedrooms, one of them used to be for storage. I was always curious as a kid and would rummage through boxes finding old cassettes, hand written letters and so on. One day, i came across a silver briefcase, I tried to open it but it was locked. One night, I approached my father and asked 'what's inside that box?', he smiled and said 'you'll know when the time is right'. (Yash bends down and opens the box in front of me) I never knew it would be the box to my bread and butter, this is a Nikon AE1, my first camera.

Yash M Vyas / Photographer / Brother 


V : Hey, who are you?

S: Hey, my name is Shivani.. i'm the 2nd 2nd AD

V: I hate 2nd 2nd AD's

Vipul S Arora / Filmmaker / Wanderer 


What do you want to be when you grow up?

"I want to be a detective... or a goat."

Rihanna / The future / Sister

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