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Shivani M. Vyas

Narrative Director, Writer & Visual Artist

Shivani is a British-Indian filmmaker and photographer. As a child, she has always been surrounded by art in the form of film and dance. The first time she created something was with her fathers chunky, brick-like camera phone. She would switch between 'play' and 'pause' to help jump the frame rate. Later in life, she realised there is a name for it - stop motion.

Over the years, Shivani has been dabbling her way through various mediums to express herself. From screenplays, narrative storytelling to analogue photography, digital collages and wobbly illustrations. 

Shivani is currently working on archival photographs of her family and various elements on canvas that depicts her story.  She is also pursuing her Masters at 'University of the Arts, London'.

You can reach out to Shivani on -

email -




'Ek Bombay Sandwich'  - Zine 

'Stitches of Matriarchy' - Group show with Method Bandra, 2022

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